In late May 2018, A$AP Rocky released his third studio album. “Testing” was much more experimental and personal than his last two albums. The New York based rapper utilized distorted vocals on his song “Gunz N Butter”, my personal favorite. Surprisingly, Rocky featured Kodak Black, but in an unconventional way. Since Kodak Black was incarcerated during the album’s production, his verse takes place through a distorted collect call from jail.


Other features on the album include Playboi Carti and Smooky Margiela, on the upbeat song “Buck Shots”. Rocky briefly reveals his wish to become a young rapper in “OG Beeper” when he says “My whole life I just wanted to be a rapper”. He also features Frank Ocean in “Purity” which is surprising since Frank Ocean has not released music in quite some time.  His free-wheeling songwriting exhibits Rocky as being free. He clearly went against the grain for this album, especially on certain tracks such as “Fukk Sleep”. Overall, Testing offers a new perspective on the Hip-Hop genre.




Listen to the album here:

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