Mac Miller – Swimming


Mac Miller’s fifth album, “Swimming” was his last album produced before his untimely death in 2018. Miller exemplified his emotional side in this album, driven by his high profile breakup with long term girlfriend Ariana Grande. His songwriting talent is brilliantly exhibited in all tracks of these songs, showing his complex emotions and often referring to the thought of keeping his head above water or not. His raspy vocals and electronic blues on the album exhibit the personal crisis Mac Miller was in at the time, which hold the listeners interests.

The slowest song on the album is “2009” where he describes demons that make his life more complicated. This album differs from his debut album, “Blue Slide Park” (2011) where his narratives were mostly regarding partying and alcohol. His lyrics in Swimming have showed maturity, which is also reflective of the rapper. The rapper journeys through self acceptance in this album and embraces possibilities that life has to offer. It is extremely unfortunate that with his death we will no longer receive any more music from Mac Miller. He was a game changer to hip hop and will be dearly missed.




Listen to Swimming:

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