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Young Nudy

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Young Nudy is not necessarily new to the rap game, but his presence is growing rapidly. Being the cousin of one of the most popular rap artists at the moment, 21 Savage, Young Nudy has had powerful connections. Having these relationships in hip-hop is arguably the most important aspect of making it big. Young Nudy’s style is similar to that of Playboi Carti, but slightly more lyrical. Speaking of Playboi Carti, Young Nudy’s latest project, Sli’merre is a collaboration with producer Pi’erre Bourne. Bourne is most famously known for making the beat of Playboy Carti’s hit “Magnolia”. Because of Nudy’s similarity to Carti’s style, the Pi’erre Bourne beats sound very fitting from beginning to end.


Nudy’s latest album (getting a strangely high 8 from Pitchfork) features production from none other than Pi’erre Bourne (YO PIERRE!). The beats are simple and catchy, which is exactly what Pi’erre specializes in. Nudy may not be the best storyteller in his raps, but they sure do sound great. The rhymes are hard hitting, and Nudy makes sure not to rap off beat (@Blueface). As with many producer/rapper collaborations, sometimes the rappers tend to get more credit, however both artists in Sli’merre work in unison. It’s just as easy to get lost in the Bourne beats as it is to nod your head to some of Nudy’s outrageous lyrics.

Feature Man

I know I always mention what kind of features are on the album or who the rapper tends to collaborate with. This post will be no exception. Clearly, Nudy has a strong relationship with well-known producer Pi’erre Bourne. The features on Sli’merre include recent legends 21 Savage and Lil Uzi Vert. Nudy also slips in a couple features from newer rappers Dababy and Megan Thee Stallion. Apart from Sli’merre, Young Nudy was also featured in two songs on the hit 2019 Dreamville collab album “Revenge of the Dreamers III”. Nudy has a verse on “Down Bad” and even raps the hook of “Sunset” with J. Cole.


Sure, you can call Young Nudy a mumble rapper, and unlyrical, but he has something that the other mumble rappers don’t; and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s his voice, or his flow, but whatever it is, you should probably expect his name to stick around in 2020.


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