Maxo Kream

Maxo Kream

Maxo’s Trap Take

A casual rap listener may have not heard of this Houston rapper yet. However, it’s not long before you will. If you don’t want to take my word for it, maybe you would listen to Travis Scott’s opinion? After all, both rappers grew up around the same time in the Houston area, so it isn’t surprising that Travis saw Maxo’s potential and urged him to begin his career. Maxo began rapping sometime in the early 2010’s, releasing a handful of mixtapes from 2012-2016. Each mixtape highlights Maxo’s strengths, which include rapping sharp, witty rhymes over unique, trappy beats.

Punken (2018)

The name of his first studio album. The reason Maxo Kream establishes himself as a promising, long term figure in rap, is not because of his execution or style that has consistently improved since his mixtapes. Rather, it is due to his ability to shine in solo songs without help fromĀ features. The mistake many emerging artists make is loading their debut album with features in a desperate attempt to milk new listeners. Whether Maxo did it on purpose or not, his use of only 3 features for this 14 song album was perfect. This allows first time listeners to naturally learn about Maxo’s style, without interruption from others. In fact, his most impressive songs on Punken are those without features. “Grannies” tells true stories of Maxo’s life that displays his gifted rapping and storytelling, while “Roaches” tells similar stories with an entirely different, more dark sound. Overall, Maxo’s debut album, Punken gives listeners a raw look at the rapper he is striving to be.

Brandon Banks (2019)

Maxo’s second album dropped in July of this year. At first glance, the cover looks dark and grim, which is appropriate for his style of rap. The album includes notable features from Travis Scott, ScHoolboy Q, A$AP Ferg, and Megan Thee Stallion. Once again, Maxo keeps a limited number of features, but uses them very wisely. Maxo continues to thrive in rapping and storytelling, all while using unique beats that capture different moods. The album was received rather positively from critics, even receiving a “Best New Music” label from Pitchfork.

What’s Next?

It’s impossible to know what Maxo’s up to now, but after seeing some of the names he’s collaborated with (Lil Uzi Vert, Dreamville, Travis Scott), he could have anything up his sleeve. From the looks of it, Maxo is in the right direction, and it may be matter of time before his music appeals to the masses. He’s at least got his foot in the door, especially after earning a feature on the “Revenge of the Dreamers III” album. Maxo Kream’s career is just beginning to pop off, and it’s exciting to imagine where he’ll be at this time next year.

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