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What is this?

I created The MILT to create a community that revolves around listening and sharing the best hip hop music to exist! In today’s digital age, there is more music than ever. At times, it’s hard to even remember what we just listened to. Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music make it so easy to find new music, with shareable playlists, customizable radio stations, and hundreds of “mood” based music to choose from. This way of finding music is great, until you hear an unpopular song, forget the name of it, and can never find it again.

On The MILT, there will be weekly blog posts about my favorite albums, singles, and artists. The MILT is not limited to brand new music. Although there will be blogs focused on new albums, I will also cover many old albums that have been out for years. As a reader of The MILT, you should not hesitate to make comments on my posts. If you disagree with a certain opinion of mine, tell me in the comments! Debating hip-hop is one of my favorite conversation topics, so please share your unfiltered opinions. 

If making public comments is not your thing, feel free to take one of my surveys! They will usually ask questions regarding what kind of music you are listening to, so I can expand my library, and share your suggestions with the community. Sharing your music tastes on the site benefits everyone, so please feel free to take my current survey below.

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